Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, August 3, 2009

We're back!

So this blogging from the iPhone is just not as easy. I just don't think I'm patient enough for it, and I don't know how to make it all cutsie and whatnot. But, I will update with a few pictures, then maybe when we go to Columbus I can try to update the whole look.

Grace is gearing up to start first grade. Scary, I know. She's not really sure that she wants to go. We're hoping and praying for another wonderful year, for a teacher we love half as much as we loved Mr. Shivers, and for Erin to be in our class again. We went and got our bookbag yesterday. Hot pink cheetah print. She will not be lost in a crowd. She & KK are going tennis shoe shopping this weekend, so I'll update with pictures.KK also got Grace a real desk out of one of their old classrooms. It is in Grace's room, and ready for her to do her homework in!

Jack Jack is a wild man (if there was ever any doubt that he would be!) He's a crawling machine! He really wants to climb the stairs. It's time to REALLY start babyproofing the house. Still only has two teeth, but one of his new favorites is to bite mommy on the shoulder, so we're thinking more teeth ate on there way. At his 9 month check up he was 24lbs 10oz and 30.5 inches long. He's huge!!

Ok, my moment of peace is up. Enjoy some pictures, and I'll try to do better updating. No promises though.

-- Wes, Kerry, Grace & Jack

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So much to be thankful for!!!

-- Wes, Kerry, Grace & Jack

Happy Mother's Day

Today has been fabulous!
First off, I was "on call" last night & didn't have to go to work. It stressed me out at first (bc I really don't want to use vacation time when I've gotten myself all psyched up to work), but being able to. E women up this morning to beautiful homemade cards ( yes.....multiple), presents, AND breakfast made by Grace (with a little help). Then we went to a beautiful service at church. The music was amazing this morning, and the message even more so. I was then treated to an afternoon nap. (wonderful gift!!!!) now we're playing outside and getting ready to grill some porkchops.

My family has been so wonderful to me, not just today, but everyday. They ha e made it a point to treat me Extra special today.

Today I am thankful for my mother. She encompasses all that I want to be as a mother. I have been so fortunate this past week to spend soMe extra time with my mom. She drove over for Grace's musical (which deserves it's own post), we then found her a dress for Meagan's wedding. I had so much fun doing g this with her, to be her friend. And y'all better be looks GOOD in her dress!

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mommies in my life. My wonderful mother in law. I am very , very blessed to have her in my life, and my babies life. She deserves a big celebration for raising those kids of hers :). And for making my husband the loving man he is....she gets all the credit for that one. To my sister and sister in law, I am goD that you are moms because you have given me the wonderful gift of being an aunt to two adorable little guys! Love you all.

I have learned so much about who I want to bs as a mommy from these, and many other moms in my life.

-- Wes, Kerry, Grace & Jack

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I figured it out!!!! Woohoo! Enjoy some recent pics. Promise to update more frequently!

-- Wes, Kerry, Grace & Jack


We've gotten rid of the Internet at our house (since we have access on our phones), but it has made blogging a challenge. The keyboard on this thing is taking some getting used to. I don't know how to download photos on here, but promise to figure out how. Everyone here is good.... Will update soon on all the going ons at our home. Happy mothers day!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just testing this

Congratulations Jennifer and Alex! Austin Alexander is perfect!!!